Open road with beautiful cloud formation

Bloggers have been blogging for so long which makes me wonder if I should or shouldn’t join the blogging arena? Will it even make a difference? Is what I have to say important? Do I even have anything to say? About art? Life? 

Why blogging? To drive traffic to my website? To share my thoughts and views with a wider audience? To be vulnerable? Funny? Serious or appear intelligent? 

These are questions that are swirling in my head as I once more contemplate whether or not to put on my blogging suit and jump in. 

Well, I guess by sharing this blog post I am sort of committing to at least giving it a try and seeing where I will land. 

What do you all think about blogging? Do you blog? Do you read blog posts on regular basis?  

Stay tuned!!!

October 30, 2021 — Hoda Nicholas