I am a Canadian artist born in Cairo, Egypt and currently living in Newmarket, Ontario. My journey with art started a long time ago, with a passion for all expressions of art and everything beautiful. I am self-taught and primarily paint in oil. My formal degree is in architecture, but my heart was always drawn to the fine arts. I learned from an early age to appreciate the creative process and art’s impact on life.

In 2008, I attended a local art school and a fire was lit. I continued to learn about fine art and the painting process wherever I could - through workshops, books and online courses - and my artistic voice began to develop.

After a long career in the corporate world, in 2016 I decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. I left my day job and focused on making art and sharing it with the world through social media, art shows and exhibitions. Since then, my art has been collected by many in Canada, the US , the UK, Holland and Egypt. I love painting any Canadian landscape, as well as florals. Both subjects allow me to share the joy of nature with the viewers through the use of bold colors and expressive brushstrokes.

I see life in color and painting is the only language I know that truly allows me to say what I want to say. Everyday, I come across moments that intrigue me and I feel the need to capture them on canvas and share them with everyone else. When I paint, I am able to express my thoughts and feelings in a unique and universal way!

Welcome to the website and thank you for stopping by!